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  Compania DIAMOND CONDO offers an extended integrated services package for owners associations.
  • Financial accounting services according with present standards and legislation: Maintenance list A3 / A4 format, expenses report, quarterly statements, journal register, checking balance, budget revenue and expenditure plan, cash register, bank register, capital funds registers, active / passive situation;
  • Advanced human resources service, payroll, individual employment contracts, job description, seniority certificates, income certificates, tax returns, revisals, additional documents;
  • Occupational health and safety services;
  • Professional legal and attorney consulting services;
  • Censored with external source document certification at the price of 3 leis / condominium.
We base our activity on using a software system platform of up-to-date generation ELIS registered with OSIM trade mark no.156745, ORDA certified serial 799357BM no.09462/31.10.2018, that allows operations in optimal, realtime, systematic of acts and specific documents.

  Price is of: 7 lei / condominium.

  For property management, which involves the preparation of financial-accounting documents, cashier / supplier payments, technical administration the price is: 24.00 lei / condominium.

  We have qualified and competent staff to solve problems in a timely manner.
  We work on a service contract basis, providing our customers with the experience they have gained.

  DIAMOND CONDO represents a dynamic team, qualified in accounting, property management, offering a good expertise in the field.
  We also offer judicial consultancy at high level, judicial executors, plumbing and electrical companies with authorized personel, to solve varies of issues that shows up in technical side of block buildings.
  We are using an advanced modern platform ELIS, registered with OSIM trade mark no.156745, ORDA certified serial 799357BM no.09462/31.10.2018, updated to the market demands, built on client/server, multitasking database support, with realtime access, providing individual payment list, analytical files for big debtors, necessary paper work for employees acording to human resources standards, income certificates, labor proofs, in relation with public institutions.

 MIRCEA  Mircea Teodorescu: IT senior programmer, project manager
Field of expertise: Information technology, data base management, maintenance, web site design, networking, with over 25 years experience in domain.
 CAMELIA  Georgia-Camelia Teodorescu: mathematician, accountant, Authorized Phisical Person - consultant.
More than 20 years in property management, accounting specialization, organization.
 Office address: Str.1 Mai nr.34, Block 2, Stair 2, ground floor, Ap.18, zip code: 060634, Sector 6, Bucharest, Romania (EU).
 Referal directions: AUCHAN Dr.Taberei / just across ROMSTAL store.
  •   Contracts - commercial service / services details : 0760-134515
  •   Contracts - censored service / offer details : 0722-736463
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